Pre-School Listings

- Week 4

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Grocery List

1x            2kg          Large Potatoes

1x            Large      Avo

12x                          Spring Onions

2x                            Red Chillies

1x            250g       Cherry Tomatoes

4x           White     Onions

1x            Red         Onion

1x            Fresh      Mixed Herbs

1x            Sprig      Parsley

1x            Sprig      Corriander

1x            50g         Celery Sticks

1x            1kg          Carrots

1x            200g       Baby Marrows

1x            200g       Butternut Chunks

1x            300g       Baby Potatoes

1x            500g       Frozen Peas

1x            Sml         Tub Crushed Garlic

1x            500ml     Olive Oil

1x            500ml     Cooking Oil

1x            Sachet   All Gold Tomato Paste

1x            Sachet   Creamy Tomato and Herb Pasta Sauce

1x            Sachet   Knorr Country Hot Pot

2x            139g        Pkt Knorr Macaroni and Cheese Pasta and Sauce

1x            Sachet   Knorr Cumberland Pie Cook-in-sauce

1x            Sachet   Knorr Spice Up Your Rice – Spicey Portuguese

1x            Sachet   Knorr Mild Durban Curry Cook-in-sauce

1x            Pkt          Knorr Tasty Oxtail Soup with Barbeque Spice

2x            Tin          Red Kidney Beans

2x            Tin          Chopped Tomatoes

2x            Tin          Butter Beans

1x            Pkt          Tumeric

1x            Bottle    Worcestershire Sauce

1x            Bottle    Tomato Sauce

1x            250g       Cake Flour

1x            250g       Brown Sugar

1x            250ml     Red Wine

1x            250ml     Sour Cream

1x            1l             Milk

1x            250g       Margarine

1x            100g       Parmesan Cheese

1x            ½ Dozen Eggs

1x            ½ Dozen Burger Buns

2x            500g Topside Mince

1x            8 Pk        Beef Sausages

1x            500g       Smoked Haddock

1x            1.7kg       Oxtail

Monday: Stuffed Baked Potatoes (serves 4-6)

·                     4 large potatoes

·                     1 garlic glove, finely chopped

·                     500g mince

·                     20 ml tomato paste

·                     250 ml water

·                     1 avocado, diced

·                     15 ml olive oil

·                     5 spring onions, finely chopped

·                     1 can red kidney beans, drained

·                     1 sachet Creamy Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce

·                     2 red chillies finely sliced

·                     2 tablespoons sour cream


1.                    Preheat oven to 190C

2.                   Pierce skin of potatoes in several places

3.                   Place potatoes on a baking tray

4.                  Bake in oven for 1 hour or until tender

5.                   Meanwhile, heat oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat

6.                  Add onion and garlic

7.                   Cook for 1 minute or until soft

8.                  Add mince

9.                  Cook, stirring with a wooden spoon to break up mince, for 6 minutes or until    browned

10.                Add beans, tomato paste, prepared KNORR Creamy Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce,          stirring for 5 minutes or until sauce thickens

11.                 Season with salt

12.                Remove potatoes from oven and cut a 5cm-deep cross into each

13.                Push sides open to hold filling

14.                Place potatoes onto plates

15.                Fill with mince-bean mixture and top with avocado and a dollop of sour cream

Tuesday: Cheep Mac n Cheese (serves 4)


·                     250 ml milk

·                     60 ml Stork margarine

·                     250 g cherry tomatoes, halved

·                     620 ml boiling water

·                     2 x 139 g packet Knorr Macaroni & Cheese Pasta and Sauce

·                     6 spring onions, chopped


1.                    Place the milk, boiling water and Stork margarine in a saucepan and bring to the boil

2.                   Add the contents of the packet and cook on high for 8 min, stirring occasionally

3.                   Stir in the cherry tomatoes and spring onions

4.                  Simmer for 2 minutes

5.                   Remove from heat, cover and stand for 2 min

Wednesday: Bangers and Mash (serves 4-6)


·                     15ml olive oil

·                     1 onion, chopped

·                     2 x cans chopped tomatoes

·                     300ml water

·                     Salt and Pepper to taste

·                     4 cups ready made mashed potato

·                     8 beef sausages

·                     2 garlic cloves, crushed

·                     1 sachet Knorr Country Hotpot

·                     1 cup frozen peas

·                     50ml freshly chopped mixed herbs

·                     15ml margarine


1.                    Heat oil in a frying pan and cook sausages for about 8 minutes over medium heat           until brown

2.                   Set aside

3.                   Add onion and garlic to the frying pan and cook until soft

4.                  Add sausages, tomatoes, Sachet Knorr Country Hotpot and water to the frying pan       and cook for 15 minutes until cooked through

5.                   Add the peas, seasoning and herbs and cook for a further 5 minutes

6.                  Pour into a casserole dish and top with mashed potato

7.                   Dot potato with Stork margarine and place under the grill to brown

Thursday: Hot Vegetable Stew (serves 4)


·                     15 ml oil

·                     50 g celery sticks, chopped

·                     5 ml turmeric

·                     50 g carrots, cut into chunks

·                     400 ml water

·                     200 g baby marrows, cut into chunks

·                     200 g canned red kidney beans, drained

·                     300 g basmati rice, cooked in unsalted water

·                     1 red onion, coarsely chopped

·                     5 ml crushed garlic

·                     200 g butternut chunks

·                     300 g new potatoes, halved

·                     1 sachet Knorr Mild Durban Curry Cook in Sauce

·                     200 g canned butterbeans, drained

·                     ¼ Bunch coriander


1.                    In a large saucepan, fry onion and celery for 3 min

2.                   Add garlic and turmeric and lightly fry for 1 min

3.                   Add butternut, carrots and potatoes and fry for 3 min

4.                  Add 400 ml cold water to the pan, stir in the Knorr Fresh Ideas Mild Durban Curry           sachet contents and bring to the boil while stirring

5.                   Add baby marrows and simmer uncovered for 20 min, stirring occasionally

6.                  Add the beans and simmer for a further 10 min

7.                   Stir in coriander

8.                  Serve hot with basmati rice

Friday: Sloppy Joes (serves 4-6)

·                     1 sachet Knorr Cottage Cumberland Pie Cook-in-Sauce

·                     50 ml Parmesan cheese, grated

·                     5 ml Worcestershire sauce

·                     30 ml tomato sauce

·                     500 g beef mince

·                     1 x 410 g tin butterbeans, drained

·                     ½ Dozen Burger Buns

·                     1 onion, finely chopped

·                     400 ml cold water

·                     15 ml oil


1.                    Sauté onion in a splash of oil, add mince and brown

2.                   Mix sachet contents with 400 ml water and pour over the browned mince

3.                   Bring to the boil, stirring often, then simmer for about 10 min

4.                  Add butterbeans, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce and Parmesan cheese to the     mince and simmer for 3 more min

5.                   Serve in a burger roll, pita pocket or use as a pizza topping

Saturday: Kedgeree (serves 4)

·                     250 ml basmati rice

·                     1 sachet Knorr Spice Up Your Rice – Spicy Portuguese

·                     Water or milk for poaching

·                     2 eggs

·                     800 ml water

·                     500 g smoked haddock

·                     125 ml frozen peas

·                     15 ml parsley, chopped to garnish


1.                    Place the rice, water and sachet of Knorr Spice up Your Rice into a pot and bring to       the boil, then simmer until cooked and set aside

2.                   Poach the haddock in a little water or milk for 10 min, then drain and flake the fish

3.                   Cook the peas in a little water and drain

4.                  Hard boil the eggs, then shell and cut into wedges

5.                   Mix the rice with the haddock and peas, add the eggs and sprinkle with chopped           parsley

Sunday: Oxtail Stew (serves 4)

·                     Cake flour

·                     1.7kg oxtail

·                     30ml oil

·                     60ml red wine or grape vinegar

·                     5 carrots, peeled and coarsely chopped

·                     1 packet KNORR Tasty Oxtail Soup with Barbecue Spice

·                     Salt and pepper

·                     2 onions, chopped

·                     500ml boiling water

·                     60ml brown sugar

·                     4 large potatoes, peeled and halved

·                     50ml chopped parsley


1.                    Season the cake flour with salt and pepper and coat the oxtail pieces

2.                   Evenly brown the meat and onions in heated oil and then add enough water to cover

3.                   Add wine or vinegar and brown sugar and simmer for 3 hours until the meat is almost   tender (add more boiling water if necessary)

4.                  Add carrots, potatoes and half the soup powder and simmer until the vegetables are    done

5.                   Add more soup powder if the gravy needs thickening

6.                  Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with parsley

7.                   Serve with mashed potato or rice

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