Pre-School Listings

- Emergency guidelines

Guidelines for taking your child to the Emergency Rooms
Guidelines for calling your doctor
  • Does your child have any trouble breathing?
  • Is your infant (3 months and less) feverish?
  • Do they have a temperature above 39 degrees celcius?
  • Is your little one suffering from dehydration?
  • Has your child swallowed a poisonous substance?
  • Has your child lost consciousness?
  • Does your child have two different size pupils after a fall or bump?
  • Is he or she having seizures?
  • Is there a problem with abdominal pain, with fever, vomiting or bleeding?
  • Has your child suddenly lost his energy, or is perhaps not able to move?
  • Has your child been involved in a road accident?
  • Has he or she had a bad fall?
  • Has your toddler swallowed a foreign object?
  • Are those cuts or burns severe?
  • Does your little one have blood in his urine or stools?
  • Is it possible that he has a broken bone?
  • Does your little one have a cold and a sore throat?
  • Does he possibly have Pink Eye?
  • Is your infant under three months of age with a minor illness?
  • Is your child suffering from a skin problem or persistent nappy rash?
  • Does your child have a fever plus vomiting?
  • Is he suffering from constipation?
  • Does he have a persistent limp?
  • Is there ear pain and/or drainage from the ear?
  • Has your child refused to eat or drink for an entire day?
  • Does your toddler have a minor condition that has persisted for some time?

author: Sandy DuPlessis

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