Pre-School Listings

Eat What Where?

This is a list of where to find the best meals around South Africa.
Guinness Pie -  I can recommend the Guinness Pie (with pastry top) at the Shamrock Inn Pub in Durban North.
T-Bone Steak – Circus Circus in the Musgrave centre makes an awesome 500g medium rare T-bone, wow got me hooked.
Waffles – The Waffle house on the South Coast pretty much everything is good.
Prawns – Simply Fish has the most amazing prawns smothered in their garlic cream sauce (must have sauce.)
Eisbein – Hops n Barley serves a crispy and very rich eisbein fantastic, but not for the faint at heart.
Chicken cordon Bleu – also at Hops n Barley, very flavorful.
Nachos – add the bacon and enjoy at Cabana in Florida road.
Sushi in Durban, Westville, South AfricaSushi – Marulas Hidden in Westville. 112 Maryvale Road. Great Kids play area too.
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